Young Living sure didn’t disappoint us with the launch of some amazing new products.

I’m not sure what I’m most excited about.  😁😁

Some items are convention exclusive which means they are for virtual ticket holder only, or only available during convention or till they sell out.  So if you want to get your hands on any on these item you need to be ready Monday to place your order. If you are not a member yet and need help setting up an account, you can follow this link or message me. I’d love for you to be a part of my oily tribe.

What products are you most excited to see?

Summer Hosting a Eastern European Orphan

Many of you know we hosted a sweet orphan boy last Christmas from Eastern Europe. We continue to keep in contact almost daily and can’t wait to see him again. This maybe his last summer opportunity to come as he will age out of the system soon. As of now the summer hosting is still not forsure happening, however if they get the OK we will have only days to get the funds together to bring him back. ($2,600) Originally we planned on doing fundraisers at local restaurants but with everything closed down, we were unable to do that. So we are asking all of you to come behind us and help support us bringing him back. If for any reason they do not allow them to come this summer, all hosting money raised will be transferred to the Christmas hosting. All donations are a tax write off as well. Here is the link if you can help. Thank you for your support and prayers as we continue to build this relationship with this young man that we hope will help him in the future.

Our host son and our son!They became instant buddies.
The boys climbing trees in the park.

May Promos for Young Living

⚡️M A Y P R O M O T I O N S⚡️


⚡️300pv: everything below

Frankincense essential oil blend, 15 ml: Can you even BELIEVE we are being graced with the presence of a FREE 15ml frankincense!?

Frank has been regarded as precious since the biblical times. Known for its ability to support your emotional well being (think grief, stress, anxious feelings) it is also incredible at supporting FULL BODY wellness.

  • Apply topically for skin benefits, helping the skin to restore to more of its natural state.
  • Add to diffuser or palms and inhale deeply to increase focus and to ground and allow deep thinking.
  • Rub on throat & chest to help when you have a ‘dry’ cough.
  • Rub on the feet or chest to support overall wellness.
  • Put a drop under your tongue for the ultimate chill oil

⚡️250pv: everything below

Deep Relief Roll On: We know as we age we ache 😂 more exercise? Or maybe too much couch sitting!? More working out? And a little more of EVERYTHING can lead to extra tension in those shoulders. This handy roller is the solution for your tight muscles.

⚡️190pv: everything below

Endoflex Essential oil, 15 ml: Endoflex blend supports your thyroid, metabolism, and energy. And in addition to all of that goodness, it can benefit libido as part of a total package (😂) of hormonal balance and wellness, too — pop a roller ball right on top of this bad boy and roll over your neck morning and night and notice a little extra pep in your step.

Spoiler alert it smells mouthwateringly delish. Prepare yourself!!!

Lavender essential oil, 5 ml (ER exclusive): Need to quiet that constantly moving brain!? Add this bad boy to your diffuser or apply to your big toe for lights out! Yellow snow making you sneeze your brains out!? Give pollen the 1-2 Known as the Swiss Army knife of essential oils, I know you ALWAYS could use a refill!

⚡️100pv: everything below (**er exclusive)

Longevity essential oil, 5 ml: Did you know Longevity protects DHA levels for brain function and cardiovascular health, promotes healthy cell regeneration, supports the liver, increases immune function, and strengthens the nervous system?

Yeah me either!

This blend contains the following essential oils: Thyme, Orange, Clove and Frankincense.

Basically…anti- aging + immune system support + toxin flusher! If you’re not using this…you should be! The oil blend is also amazing for your skin. Y’all know Clove is the highest antioxidant on earth right?!

Protip add a couple drops to your favorite face serum, take in a capsule, and add to that diffuser to get ALL THE ANTIOXIDANT SUPPORT!


April Promos

Are you ready to transition into spring with a tidy, toxin-free home? Get started with your green-cleaning kit in April’s PV promo. Featuring chore companions like Purification, Lemon, and Tea Tree, this promo helps you get every surface smelling fresh.

Plus, you can snag exclusive swag, including a branded spray bottle and premium dryer balls. These dryer balls are handmade from 100 percent wool by women in Nepal. Not only are the balls free of chemicals and dyes, but they provide a reliable source of income to Nepalese women, so they can provide for their families and become self-reliant.

400 PV tier

Retail value: $224.15

Purification essential oil blend, 15 ml

• Freshen your laundry. Add 2 drops of Purification to wool dryer balls, be sure to let dry fully, and toss in with your load for great-smelling clothes.

• Banish bathroom odors. Moisten a cotton ball with a drop or two of Purification and stash between the trash can and liner.

Premium dryer balls

• Go green in the laundry room. Unlike single-use dryer sheets, this set of four wool balls can be used over and over again to reduce drying time and static cling. Any essential oils added to the balls must dry fully before the balls are put in the dryer.

• Support someone’s fresh start. These dryer balls and the cotton bag they come in provide fair wages to women in Nepal, many of whom are single mothers, widows, and survivors of trafficking.

Cinnamon Bark essential oil, 5 ml

• Make stuffy spaces feel cozy. Add 4 drops of Cinnamon Bark to a glass spray bottle filled with water and use as a room spray to refresh stale air.

• Make dish duty smell yummy. Put a few drops of Cinnamon Bark in your dish soap for a warm, spicy scent that smells good enough to eat.

Lemon essential oil, 15 ml

• Get rid of gunk. Dampen a cloth with 2 drops of Lemon and use it to rub away residue left behind by stickers, labels, and glue.

• Add some cheer to chores. Diffuse Lemon for an uplifting and energizing aroma as you tackle tough messes.

Clove essential oil, 15 ml

• Spice up your cleaning routine. Add a few drops of Clove to your cleaning products for a warm, cozy scent.

• Refresh your rugs. Make a natural rug deodorizer with 2 cups baking soda and 10–15 drops of Clove or any other essential oil.

Tea Tree essential oil, 15 ml

• Tackle tough stains. Make your own sink and shower scrub with 10 drops Tea Tree, 1 cup baking soda, and 1/4 cup dish soap.

• Make bad smells a memory. If your towels still smell after washing, spray them with a mixture of 1/2 cup water, 1/4 cup witch hazel or rubbing alcohol, and 30 drops Tea Tree.

Branded spray bottle

• Dabble in DIY. Instead of compromising on iffy ingredients, blend your own botanically based cleaners in this spray bottle.

• Clean with confidence. Thanks to the dilution chart on the back of the bottle, you can ditch any doubt when using Thieves Household Cleaner.

Eucalyptus Radiata essential oil, 15 ml

• Kick out kitchen stink. Diffuse Eucalyptus on its own or with Lemon and Rosemary to get that clean kitchen scent—even if you still have dirty dishes in the sink.

• Make clean smell green. If you don’t love the smell of your vinegar-based cleaning recipes, infuse them with the spa-like scent of Eucalyptus Radiata.

300 PV tier

Retail value: $148.62

Cinnamon Bark essential oil, 5 ml

Lemon essential oil, 15 ml

Clove essential oil, 15 ml

Tea Tree essential oil, 15 ml

Bonus Essential Rewards: Branded spray bottle

Bonus Essential Rewards: Eucalyptus Radiata essential oil, 15 ml

250 PV tier

Retail value: $116.05

Lemon essential oil, 15 ml

Clove essential oil, 15 ml

Tea Tree essential oil, 15 ml

Bonus Essential Rewards: Branded spray bottle

Bonus Essential Rewards: Eucalyptus Radiata essential oil, 15 ml

190 PV tier

Retail value: $80.20

Tea Tree essential oil, 15 ml

Bonus Essential Rewards: Branded spray bottle

Bonus Essential Rewards: Eucalyptus Radiata essential oil, 15 ml

100 PV tier

Retail value: $25

Bonus Essential Rewards: Eucalyptus Radiata essential oil, 15 ml

One-time Orders:

400 PV tier

Retail value: $179.15

Purification essential oil blend, 15 ml

Premium dryer balls

Cinnamon Bark essential oil, 5 ml

Lemon essential oil, 15 ml

Clove essential oil, 15 ml

Tea Tree essential oil, 15 ml

300 PV tier

Retail value: $103.62

Cinnamon Bark essential oil, 5 ml

Lemon essential oil, 15 ml

Clove essential oil, 15 ml

Tea Tree essential oil, 15 ml

250 PV tier

Retail value: $71.05

Lemon essential oil, 15 ml

Tea Tree essential oil, 15 ml

190 PV tier

Retail value: $35.20

Tea Tree essential oil, 15 ml

Clove essential oil, 15 ml

Our Journey to You

I wanted to share the story of how we came to host a child from Eastern Europe.

From the beginning God was working in ways we never knew. It all started when I saw a post on Facebook about a friend needing another family to host 2 boys from the Ukraine. I contacted her to learn more about it.  It turned out the hosting program she was working with didn’t work in our state.  However, God put on my heart we needed to open our home to a child from the Eastern Europe. I looked on Google and found New Horizons For Children- NHFC. This organization did hosting of children over winter and summer in my state. I contacted them and they sent me an email with a list of kids that were available to host.  I talked to my husband and he said he was not at all interested in doing it.  I started to pray that God would change his heart.  A month or so passed and I recieved an email from NHFC that only a few children were left to be hosted and we had 24 hours to pick or they would not be left behind. I went and asked my husband again and showed him the picture of a young boy. I felt God told me he was the one we were suppose to host. I want to state that again to HOST! We NEVER even considered the idea of adoption

Well, God had been at work on his heart and he said YES!! I ugly cry because I was so happy we were going to be able to open our home for Christmas. We got all the paperwork done and waited for the day he would arrive.  Oh, did I mention it turned out the young boys who picture I saw was 16 years old. We have a 12 year old daughter that looks 16 and were VERY nervous, but we continue to trust God.

As we waited for him to arrive, our friends would say to me ” Just wait, you’ll be adding him to your family.” Which ofcourse I would say “no we have always only wanted 2 kids and we already have that”. But God was working on our hearts again.

The day came when he arrived and we finally got to meet him.  God was working on our hearts again and over the next few days as he started to open up and it felt like he was always meant to be a part of our family.  Like he was always meant to be ours. God changed our hearts and we knew we had to do everything we could to make him a part of our family.  I now know that God has a plan and even though we don’t know what it is, I am trusting that He will finish what He started with him becoming a part of our family. I don’t know how or when, but I know He is at work on it and there is no problem to big that He can’t handle.

I hurts so much to not be able to have him here with us right now. To not be able to hug him good morning or do our best part and worst part of your day before we say goodnight. I am having to trust God is at work behind the scene to make it all happen. So until we get to have him here again with us, we will just get to see him when we chat and let him know each day how special he is and how much we love him.

If you have adopted from Eastern Europe and have any tips or ideas to help us, pleas recommend below or email me at . We are needing all the help we can get.

If you are interested in hosting yourself and want more information, please go to their website to learn more.


It’s 2020, friends!! I am beyond excited for this brand new year and Young Living sure is helping us start it off right with some AMAZING promos! This month’s freebies are all about cold weather essentials and I’m totally in for all of it since I’m just trying to survive this chilly time of year. 🥶 Before we get to all of the awesomeness, here are a few tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Young Living orders:

✅ If you’re not yet enrolled in the Essential Rewards program, take a peek at this short video to see how you can earn points back and additional exclusive promos just for ordering each month!

✅ If you haven’t already, I highly encourage you to sign up for YL Go shipping. It’s like Amazon Prime for Young Living and allows you to get your orders shipped faster for less! Learn more here:

Ok, are you even ready for this, you guys?!? Here are the fantastic products you can earn for FREE this month with your qualifying order:

🌿 Peppermint 10ml (100 PV ER Exclusive): Yep, you read that right – an exclusive 10ml bottle of Peppermint!! This is one of those special promos that you literally can’t get otherwise, so I always get a little extra excited for things like this! We love Peppermint around my house and you’ll find it in our diffusers pretty often to help perk everyone up on gloomy winter days. It is a great oil to use with a few drops of carrier oil for muscle massage after a day on the slopes (or the less glamorous version of shoveling your driveway 😝). Don’t forget Peppermint is a Vitality oil, so it is awesome to add into seasonal recipes, teas, and hot chocolate!

🍂 Cinnamon Bark Vitality 5ml (190PV ER exclusive): Mmmm Cinnamon Bark. This oil just smells so cozy, especially this time of year! It’s an important ingredient in many popular products like Thieves, Inner Defense, and Abundance. That’s because it is a powerhouse oil when it comes to a healthy immune and digestive system. You can substitute Cinnamon Bark into any recipe that calls for ground cinnamon and it is awesome mixed in hot cereals. It’s another one that’s wonderful to add to your warm drinks as well! Feeling a little frisky? Add a drop or two to your NingXia Red for a “hot shot” to start your day and freshen your breath at the same time! 🔥 This smells amazing in the diffuser with warm oils like Clove, Nutmeg, and Orange. Oh and a little fun fact – apparently the Cinnamon Bark aroma attracts wealth. While I can’t promise dollar bills suddenly flying in your face, I think it’s a great oil to use when setting intentions and goals for the new year!

🕊 Roman Chamomile 5ml (190PV): If you are a mom, know a mom, or have a mom, chances are this is an oil you’ll want to have in your life! This is a fabulous oil for all things calming because it helps to relieve stress, dispel anger, and release negative emotions. If you love the Tranquil Roll-On, this is why. 😉 Roman Chamomile is also a wonderful addition to your evening skin care routine to leave your skin glowing and healthy while helping to relax your mind before bed!

🚺 Clary Sage 15ml (250 PV): This amazing stuff is about to become your best friend when it comes to female hormones, friends! Clary Sage contains phytoestrogens which are natural plant-based estrogens. It is grounding and comforting which makes it perfect to support your body during less-than-awesome times of the month. It is great to diffuse with Orange and Patchouli to help your mood on those dreary cold days. Pro tip: add a drop or two to your favorite conditioner to help tame dry, frizzy winter hair!

🧤 YL-Branded Mittens and Beanie (300 PV): But seriously, are you kidding me right now?!?! How dang cute are these??? 😍 I am sooooo happy to see something like this in the monthly promos since it doesn’t happen very often, especially when we’re talking things that keep me warm! #saynotothecold I can’t wait to get these on my order this month and may not take them off until spring!

What are you most excited about this month?? I bet you can’t guess what I’m looking forward to the most… #givemeallthecozybeanies Don’t forget that you can earn the promos twice each month – once on Essential Rewards and once on a regular Quick Order. I really hope your 2020 will be full of wonderful, amazing things and can’t wait to share this new year with all of you! ❤️

December Promos



⚡️ Please make sure you are ordering on Essential Rewards!!! GUYS. Best value, and freebies, and perks! This is our monthly wellness box ordering program that offers points back and additional promos. Also, get yourself on YL Go+!!! Save major $$$$ on shipping!

Alright! Ready to learn about these promos?


🎄Sacred Frankincense, 15 ml

Sacred Frankincense is the first Omani frankincense to be available to those outside of the Saudi Royals or privileged of Oman. This is allllllll because of Gary!!! Gary Young was on site to help build the Omani Distillery. This particular frankincense is claimed to be the same type of frankincense that was used during bible times.

READ THIS: Omani Frankincense is regarded the world over as the RAREST, MOST SOUGHT after aromatic in EXISTENCE!!!! 😳😱 Thanks to Gary Young this is the FIRST TIME any westerners have been able to experience these unique, spiritual properties and now it is ours in a coveted 15ml FOR FREE! Add to your moisturizer and glow serums, put in your diffusers or simply anoint your head to raise that frequency during the crazy hustle and bustle of the holidays!


🎄Diffuser ornament

Trim the tree. Enhance your evergreen by diffusing a few drops of your favorite seasonal scent.

🎄Egyptian Gold, 5 ml

Perfect for the holiday season Egyptian Gold is an invigorating essential oil that uplifts your mind, opens your heart chakra, awakens spirituality. Diffuse during family gatherings, prayer, or meditation, to connect on a deeper more meaningful level!


🎄Myrrh, 5 ml

High in sesquiterpenes, Myrrh can stimulate the limbic system, the seat of memory, so it’s a wonderful oil to use to work on past stored emotional trauma that is yours or that you could have inherited 😬 Aromatically, it encourages spiritual awareness and is uplifting. It’s also a wonderful oil for youthful skin.


🎄Peace & Calming, 15 ml

A blend of Ylang Ylang, Orange, Tangerine, Patchouli, and Blue Tansy. It encourages deep relaxation and is a great support in your bedtime routines or to support overactive children. Alleviates nervous irritability and calms a restless mind. Oh and did we mention you get this in a coveted 15mL bottle!? STOCK UP!

🎄Christmas Spirit, 5 ml (ER exclusive)

Christmas Spirt is a sweet, spicy blend of Orange, Cinnamon Bark, and Spruce that taps into the happiness, Joy, and security associated with he holiday season. Did we mention its our favorite to diffuse, add to Thieves cleaner, put in a room spray, and basically huff out of the bottle!?


🎄10 ER points (ER exclusive)

Save on stocking stuffers. Try something new. Treat yourself to that blend or body care product you’ve been eyeing all year.

🎄🌟What are you most excited about this month🌟🎄 EEEEK! 🥰

Christmas Home Tour

Our Christmas Home decor tour is up on my YouTube channel. This is my favorite time of year to go all out and decorate our home. My mother always made our home feel so special at Christmas. No matter what was going on in life, Christmas was just a time to relax and share time togther as a family. The memories I have from those Christmases with her will forever be in my heart. I hope to create that same feeling for our family as I decorate our home and we share special evening together this Christmas. I hope you enjoy and maybe even get some inspiration for your home.

Be sure to watch the video for a full tour 🎄😁🎄

🎄🎄🎄🎄Merry Christmas from our family to yours 🎄🎄🎄🎄

October Promos Canada

There’s so much to be grateful for when we take the time to connect. Sharing a meal together on the regular can be a challenge with busy days and full schedules, and that’s what makes this season special. When we create time to gather, we open space to cook up precious new memories and cultivate deeper happiness. At this year’s feast, we invite you to table the excuses and gather to fill your hearts (and bellies) with delightful fall flavours and memories that smell as good as they taste.

Engage all of your senses with our Plus line essential oils. Just a few drops of Rosemary+, Cinnamon Bark+, Black Pepper+ or Frankincense+, add a world of flavour to your dishes. The addition of the zesty scent of Orange in the air will enliven your surroundings. Whether you’re infusing holiday classics like roast veggies, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie with new flavour twists, or simply savouring the small moments around the dinner table, there’s no better time to share happiness and gratitude with the ones you love.

Reach any of the PV minimums this month to qualify for these free essentials and enjoy the Essential Rewards (ER) exclusive bonuses when you reach 100+ PV or 190+ PV in a single October ER order.

100 PV Reward

Retail Value: $18.09 CAD

Place a 100 PV order through ER and enjoy Orange free.

Orange 15 ml (ER Bonus*): Revive your sense of smell and welcome guests with this energizing citrus to add some brightness to your cozy home. Also, its bright aroma can be diluted and applied topically to ease digestive discomfort after a little (too much) holiday indulgence.
Quick Orders: Does not qualify for 100 PV Reward.
ER Orders: Limit of one (1) Orange 15 ml free.
Single Orders over 100 PV do not earn duplicate rewards.

190 PV Reward

Retail Value: $123.95 CAD

Order 190 PV in a single Quick Order and receive Rosemary+ and Black Pepper+ FREE. Place your qualifying order through ER and you will also enjoy Cinnamon Bark+, a YL-Branded Rolling Pin and Orange free.

Rosemary+: Complex and sharp, the piney flavours of Rosemary+ spice pairs well with onion, sausage, mushroom and more.
Black Pepper+: Once reserved just for royalty, a few drops of this “black gold” essential oil will add a bit of bite to your gravy, salad dressing, rub or marinade.
Cinnamon Bark+ (ER Bonus*): Few spices (and oils) are as comforting and delicious as cinnamon. Add a few drops to your hot chocolate, or just the right amount of spice to your pumpkin pie.
YL-Branded Rolling Pin (ER Bonus*): No matter how you roll, you’ll love this exclusive kitchen tool for rolling out those pie crusts, doughs and pastries.
Quick Orders: Limit of one (1) Rosemary+ and one (1) free Black Pepper+ per qualifying order.
ER Orders: Limit of one (1) Cinnamon Bark+, one (1) YL-Branded Rolling Pin and one (1) Orange per qualifying order.
Single Orders over 190 PV do not earn duplicate rewards.

250 PV Reward

Retail Value: $183.16 CAD

AlkaLime, Rosemary+ and Black Pepper+ are yours free with a Quick Order of 250 PV or more. Place your qualifying order through ER and you will also enjoy one (1) Cinnamon Bark+, one (1) YL-Branded Rolling Pin and one (1) Orange per qualifying order, free.

AlkaLime®: Perhaps that third plateful of food sent you over the edge? Don’t fret, call on AlkaLime to the rescue! Formulated to neutralize acidity, AlkaLime can help relieve heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach and acid indigestion.
Quick Orders: Limit of one (1) free Alkalime, one (1) Rosemary+ and one (1) Black Pepper+ per qualifying order.
ER Orders: Limit of one (1) Cinnamon Bark+, one (1) YL-Branded Rolling Pin and one (1) Orange per qualifying order.
Single Orders over 250 PV do not earn duplicate rewards.

300 PV Reward

Retail Value: $233.49 CAD

Order 300 PV through Quick Order and receive Frankincense+, AlkaLime, Rosemary+ and Black Pepper+ free. Place your qualifying 300 PV order through ER and you’ll also enjoy ER bonuses of Cinnamon Bark+, a YL-Branded Rolling Pin and Orange free.

Frankincense+: Distinct and complex, this sweet and woodsy spice makes for an unmistakeable, welcome addition to your food and drinks.
Quick Orders: Limit of one (1)Frankincense+, one (1) AlkaLime, one (1) Rosemary+ and one (1) Black Pepper+ free per qualifying order.
ER Orders: Limit of one (1) Cinnamon Bark+, one (1) YL-Branded Rolling Pin and one (1) Orange per qualifying order.
Single Orders over 300 PV do not earn duplicate rewards.


Retail Value: $415.07 CAD

Order 400 PV through Quick Order and receive the Special Edition Seed to Seal® Story Gift Collection, Frankincense+, AlkaLime, Black Pepper+ and Rosemary+ FREE! Place your qualifying 400 PV order through ER and you’ll also enjoy ER Bonuses of a YL-Branded Rolling Pin, Cinnamon Bark+ and Orange essential oil free!

Seed to Seal® Story Gift Collection: Complete with versatile YL favourites, Lavender, Tea Tree and Peppermint essential oils, this special edition gift collection is beautifully packaged to help you introduce a friend to three all-star oils and the Young Living Seed to Seal story.Quick Orders: Limit of one (1) Seed to Seal® Story Gift Collection, one (1) Frankincense+, one (1) AlkaLime, one (1) Black Pepper+ and one (1) Rosemary+ free per qualifying order.ER Orders: Limit of one (1) Cinnamon Bark+, one (1) YL-Branded Rolling Pin and one (1) Orange per qualifying order.Single Orders over 400 PV do not earn duplicate rewards.

October Promos for US

You’re in for a treat with October’s PV promotion. Indulge the Young Living way with self-care essentials like Frankincense, beauty-boosting Bergamot, conditioning Cedarwood, and gut-loving Life 9®*, plus three scents of the season.

400 PV tier

Retail value: $235.19
Frankincense 15ml
Bergamot 5ml
Cedarwood 15ml
Life 9, 30 capsules
Orange 15ml
Cinnamon Bark 5ml (ER Exclusive)
Nutmeg 5ml (ER Exclusive)

300 PV tier

Retail value: $135.85
Bergamot, 5 ml
Cedarwood 15ml
Life 9, 30 capsules
Orange, 15 ml
Cinnamon Bark, 5 ml (ER Exclusive)
Nutmeg, 5 ml (ER Exclusive)

250 PV tier

Retail value: $103.29
Life 9, 30 capsules
Orange, 15 ml
Cinnamon Bark, 5 ml (ER Exclusive)
Nutmeg, 5 ml (ER Exclusive)

190 PV tier

Retail value: $64.47
Orange, 15 ml
Cinnamon Bark, 5 ml (ER Exclusive)
Nutmeg, 5 ml (ER Exclusive)

100 PV tier

Retail value: $17.43
Nutmeg, 5 ml (ER Exclusive)

Frankincense, 15 ml

Soak in scented suds. Mix 5 drops of Frankincense with 1 tablespoon of V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex and pour it in your bathwater for a relaxing dip.Reconnect with your purpose. Rub a drop or two of Frankincense into your hands, cup them lightly over your nose, and breathe in the grounding scent.

Bergamot, 5 ml

Diffuse the tension. Life’s daily hassles are no match for the tart, tranquil scent of Bergamot.Cleanse your complexion. Add Bergamot to your night cream or toner for fresh-faced confidence.**

Cedarwood, 15 ml

Tame your mane. Massage Cedarwood into your scalp for healthy-looking, touchable tresses.Keep calm and say om. Breathe in Cedarwood’s grounding and relaxing aroma.

Life 9, 30 capsules

Go with your gut. Get on track for healthy digestion with a capsule a day of Life 9.*Welcome wellness. Support a strong immune system with 17 billion live cultures from nine types of good bacteria.*

Orange, 15 ml

Trick and treat your senses. Diffuse 5 drops Orange, 2 drops Cinnamon Bark, and 1 drop Nutmeg for that warm cookie scent.Reveal your inner radiance. Dab Orange essential oil onto blemishes before bed! This beauty secret will have you waving goodbye to bad skin days.**

Cinnamon Bark, 5 ml

Indulge in some TLC. Add a few drops of Cinnamon Bark to your favorite massage oil and rub over achy muscles and joints.Rock scentsational spice. Blend Cinnamon Bark with a carrier oil and dab it onto your wrists or neck for an enticing personal fragrance.

Nutmeg, 5 ml

Nestle up to Nutmeg. On cool, rainy days, pair this oil’s warm and uplifting aroma with a good book and a cozy blanket. Pamper your belly. When your tummy is feeling crummy, treat yourself to a soothing stomach massage with equal parts Nutmeg essential oil and V-6.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
**Avoid direct sunlight or UV rays for up to 48 hours after applying product.