My October Essential Rewards

This is my Essential Rewards haul for the month on October.   I am going to break it down.  I spent $301 and got 4 bottles of NingXia Red,  2 bottles of RC, 2 of the glass water bottles with Grapefruit oil from the holiday catalog, 1 Christmas Spirit, Cinnamon Bark, Deep Relief roll-on,  Thieves dental floss, mouthwash and lozenges,  and the lip balm trio. Then I got a free Dew Drop Diffuser, 15 ml of Thieves,  and 5 ml of cloves plus 20 bonus ER points.   All of the Thieves products along with the Ningxia Red and lip balm trio qualified for the Oily Lifestyle Revolution so I got 30 ER points for that along with my 20% back = 60 ER point I got a total of 110 ER points.  I think for all I got that is a great deal. And now I have 110 in ER points to cash in for more free products.   If your not on ER you can see what your missing out on.


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