Young Living’s VITALITY Oils


Just when I  thought Young Living couldn’t get any better, they  add the Vitality line of oils. 27  pure therapeutic grade oils.  These oils are perfect for adding flavor to you favorite foods or using as a dietary supplement.

There are 4 different categories of oils CITRUS, HERB, SPICE, and SUPPLEMENT

Spices Vitality Oils

I love adding cinnamon bark to a mocha to spice it up.  Just be sure not to add to much,  it is very strong!!!!  A great tip is to just stick a toothpick tip in the bottle and then stir it in you coffee.  It will add a punch with just that little bit.


Herbs Vitality Oils

There are so many use for these oils.  From spicing up Italian food to adding some Peppermint to a glass of water.  The ideas are endless.


Citrus Vitality Oils

Seriously I LOVE all of these oils so much.  My family has become very spoiled  about drinking water without one of these amazing oils in it to jazz it up!!!


Supplement Vitality Oils

I don’t know what we would do without these oil.  We use Digize and Thieves everyday to help boost our immune system and digestive system.  I just started using Endoflex and am loving how it makes me feel.  There are toooo many reasons to list for why we LOVE Frankincense. From using in my facial lotion, to taking everyday to help our over all well being this oil ROCKS!!! I totally understand why they gave it to Jesus.


If you’re interested in starting your oil journey or trying any of these oils contact me HERE.  I’d love to help you start your oil journey.

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