Natural Mascara Review

Pacifica Aquarian Gaze

Long Lash Mineral Mascara


OK, So you know I have been on a mission to remove as many chemicals from our home as possible.  Well, this has lead me to my makeup and I have found some great options.  Check out this blog post about 100% Pure Makeup and see what I think of it.

But mascara ………. this has been a very hard thing to find.  First off, there are very few natural mascaras offered out there. Second, if you are lucky enough to find one, it is  usually a pretty BIG hit to your pocket book.  So I kept looking and trying out all different kinds without breaking the bank to do it.  Then last week while shopping I saw Pacifica Aquarian Gaze Mineral Mascara at Target. Yes, you saw that right TARGET!!!  I honestly can’t remember the price but it was no more then $15. I kept thinking,  there’s no way this is going to work????

Well, drum roll please…… IT DID WORK and AMAZINGLY!  I am so impressed with this mascara and how well it stayed put ( NO RACCOON EYES!!!) I usually have a problem with conventional mascara smudging by afternoon and most natural mascara only lasted an hour or two before smudging. Let’s be real here,  I put my mascaras to the ultimate test out here in the country sweating like crazy while feeding, watering, bathing, ridding, collecting eggs, gardening, you name it… in all kinds of weather. Rain, snow, crazy winds 100+ heat.  It has to be pretty tough to make it through my days. So when I say this mascara stayed put, that’s a big thing.  Plus, my eyelashes felt soft.  Not all hard and clumpy the way they usually do with regular mascara.  This mascara made it look like I had long, thick eyelashes but felt like I was wearing nothing. I am truly ecstatic about this find and so happy to share it with you.   I will continue my search for quality natural makeup but for now I am pleased to say, my transition to all natural makeup is almost complete  I will share the last thing I am looking for next week when it arrives.  Hopefully it too will be a big hit!

Here is a video of my review of this mascara

Until next time..

Have a beautiful blessed day,



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