Our Homeschool Room

Each year I try to update our school room a little. It is a small room, measuring at only 9X7. Pretty tiny right?  Although it maybe small, it is big with memories. Our school room is full of major milestones, along with some struggles and tears, but mostly full of  joy, laughter and great memories.   We are very blessed to have it.

I had planned to do some big projects in the room over the summer.  They included, change out the desks, paint the bookshelves and  walls, and update the storage unit as well as my desk. However,  the summer just flew by and before I knew it, we were starting school again.

I did get a chance to get  a few things updated.  Like the new rug I found at Marshall’s on clearance for $29.99 and the white framed bulletin boards I scored at Target for $7.  I love finding a good deal, don’t you! OK,  I’ll stop writing now and get to the pictures.





I really love the rug. The soft blues, beige and yellow are very calming and the pattern is beautiful. I like it so much, that I have pulled the colors from the rug to be the new colors for the school room.  Previously, we had bright blue and green as our school room colors which was a lot  of fun and very playful.  However, these new colors blend with rest of our home style much better. This is nice since there are no doors to this room, and it can be seem from the main living areas.

Maybe next summer or over some of our breaks I will get some of the other projects done, but for now we are ready to learn.

I also did a video tour of our school, if you’d like to watch it.

If you are interested in our homeschool curriculum choices for this year, I will be posting about that soon.  Be sure to subscribe to my blog and YouTube channel so you don’t miss it.

Have a beautiful blessed day,

Young Living Country Girl

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