Christmas In Our House


Christmas is my favorite time of year!  Yes, I know LOTS of people say that but for me, it brings back such amazing memories.  Not just the ones we’ve made since we became a family, but memories from when I was a child and celebrated Christmas with my mom and sister.  My mother came to the United Sates from Germany when she was 18.  The Christmas traditions she passed on the me are priceless. The way we spend Christmas Eve is one of those traditions.   I love going to church on Christmas Eve. We then coming home and having a family dinner before reading the Christmas story and opening a present.  For me it is the most magical time of the season.  It is the night that we come together as a family to remember and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.  The birth of Christ. Since my husband was raised with a traditional where Santa delivers presents and you open then on Christmas day, we have included that tradition as well.  Our kids get up early, and we go see what present Santa left for them.  I love combining both of our childhood traditions for our children so they get to enjoy both.  There are many other traditions that we enjoy and add each year.  Decorating cookies, making gingerbread houses, seeing Christmas lights, going to Disneyland, listening to LOTS of Christmas music and watching just about every Christmas movies are just a few more.

I wanted to share a couple videos we made this Christmas.  I hope you enjoy them.


And of course…..



I’m looking forward to another year of sharing with y’all so be sure to join us as we grow and learn more about country living, essential oils and our journey to health wellness.

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