Young Living Care Club – Month 1


I love sharing my passion for Young Living.  Since adding Young Living to our families healthy lifestyle we have been able to stay above the wellness line, more often then not, with support from their products.  With toxin free household cleaners, personal care products, health snacks, Einkorn food products, supplements and NingXia Red to the amazing essential oils, Young Living has us covered.  I can’t stop talking and sharing about how much Young Living has changed our lives.  This led me to doing a Care Club for my friends that have enrolled under me so I could share some of the ways my family uses Young Living.  I wanted to make my graphics available to all Young Living members so they could share with their family and friends too.  I share in Gary Young’s goal to have Young Living products in every home across the world.  Weather singed up under me or someone eles, I want the amazing benefits of Young Living know by all.

How I do my Care Club

I select 4-6 people to receive a care club package for 3 months.  I then send them some small samples of my favorite products to try.  I try to keep the package cost between $5-6 including the shipping, which eats up half of that budget.  I think this makes it fairly doable for most people. If you only select 4 people then your looking at around $25 a month.  That’s less then a week of coffees at your favorite coffee shop! (Please don’t say Starbucks! You don’t want me to go into what I think about them right now 😦 ! )

Month 1 Graphics and Sample

I have broken down the packages into 3 issues so you will see issue 1, 2, 3 then I start over again at 1 so the next group I select is starting fresh at 1.(Sorry I only have issue 1 uploaded at this time. I am working on the rest.)

Issue 1 Graphics:

These are the stickers I place on the tissue paper to close it up. ( I’ll explain a little more later.)


Click on the link below the picture and print on Avery 22830 Round Glossy Labels

The round stickers I printed on where these: Avery Round Glossy labels 22830

your care club samples stickers care club samples (1)


Your care club samples

Month 1

Car Air Freshener – Purification & Tangerine stickers for plastic bags

your care club samples stickers care club samples (2)

Car Air freshener purification & tangerine

Here is the  News Letter for month 1. It that tells how to use the sample as well  a little recipe and a seek peak at next months samples. I have my color copies run at the UPS store because my printer is not that good.  If you have a good printer, it will save you money to print them yourself.  However, I would not compromise the quality to save a couple cents.

3 Care Club MARCH air freshener tangerine and purification car air freshener news letter

I print these and place them on the outside of my envelopes so people now what’s the package is. I only put this on the first month envelope.

Welcome to the Care Club

Welcome to the care club sticker

I made these cards thinking I would write a little note on the back of them but feel this is a step you could leave out to save a little money and just write on the back of the news letter. I am including them here if you’d like to use them.

Welcome to the Care Club bold

I printed them on card stock and then cut them myself with my board cutter.  If you choose to do it that way just  click on the link below the picture and download. If you want to print them on Avery postcards, keep scrolling down.

care club welcome post card

care club welcome post card 

For the Avery 5689 Postcard (  file click this link.

care club welcome post card Avery

How I made my car air fresheners.

I am fortunate enough to live close to a Hobby Lobby, so I picked up these cute wood decorative clothespins. They were only $2.99 but I still used my 40% of coupon. They are 2 inches long so they will clip to a car air vent but wont stick out to far.  Be sure not to buy the mini ones. They won’t work. The lager regular size will work fine as well, but just stick out a little further on the vent.  You can always decorate them yourself with some washi tape, however due to time, I bought mine already decorated.  Also be sure some of the natural wood is still showing so the oil has a place to absorb into. Completely painted ones are cute but won’t allow the oil to absorb into the wood. If you don’t live by a Hobby Lobby, you can find some on Amazon.

Then I added a small sample of Purification and tangerine essential oils.  I did about 7 drops of Purification and 7 of Tangerine, which filled the sample bottle almost to the top.  I purchased my bottles off Amazon and bough the large pack, however if your budget doesn’t allow that, you can buy smaller quantities.  I just know I will go through them all eventually. Here is the link to the ones I bought.


I then placed the clip and sample bottle in a small plastic bag so if it leaked it won’t be a problem. These are the bags I used.  Again you don’t need to buy this large of quantities but the cost, why not.


I then wrap this small gift in half a piece of tissue paper and seal with the sticker that says your care club samples.( Sorry I forgot to take a picture of this step but you can see it in the piture at the top with the whole thing out togther.) I then packed all of this in a plastic envelope. These are the ones I use.

Then off to the post office I go…….

I hope you enjoy these printable files and they help you share your passion for Young Living with others.

Be sure to subscribe to this blog so you don’t miss next months Care Club files.

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