10% OFF Premuim Starter Kits


💥💥💥10% OFF💥💥💥
Yep, that’s right. Young Living is offering 10% off select Premuim Staryer kits. The Dewdrop, Desert Mist and the Savvy Minerals Premuim starter kits now thru May 25th. These kits are already amazing deals. You normally are getting ove $300 of products for $160 but now you can get over $300 of amazing life changing products for only $144!!! Plus I will send a bunch of oily swag and give you a $25 credit towards your first order on Essential Rewards when sign up.
***My $25 offer is limited so don’t wait***

This is an amazing opportunity!!!
If you’ve been around you know how these oils have changed our lives. But for those new to this page, here’s a little run down.
🌼Lavender Swiss army knife of oils, helps with sleep, amazing for your skin…the uses go on and on.
🌼Citrus Fresh Great for energizing and making a room smell fresh and clean.
🌼PanAway Sore muscles…rub them down and feel the cooling relief from this oil.
🌼Frankincense When I’m doubt pull Frank out is my motto. For everyday uses, it is my secrect weapon for keeping my skin looking amazing.
🌼Raven Need support for your respitory system…Ravens your oil. We diffuse this one every night.
🌼Lemon Vitality Oh how I love my lemon water. Plus since this is made from the oil in the rind. That means no worrying about it harming the enamel on my teeth.
🌼Peppermint Vitality This is a God send for me with my sensitive stomach. I add it to my water to help support my digestive system.
🌼Copiabia Vitality Most people have never heard of this oil but once you research all it does, it is a must have for any oil user. It support just about every syatem in your body from your skin to your endocrine.
🌼Digize Vitality Another blessing for my sensitive digestive system. We use this to support our digestive system and keep it on track.
🌼Thieves Vitality Tired of this season of yuckies!?! I know I’m ready for it to be over. Support your immune system to help you get through it with Thieves Vitality.
🌼Stress Away Ahhh can we just call it vacation in a bottle 🌴🌞 With lime and vanilla in it, it will melt your stress away just like your on vaca.


If you are ready to make the jump into the oily world, please let me know so I can help you on your journey. With one on one support as well as amazing oily groups that are ready to answer your questions, we are here to make your oily adventure an amazing one.

Sign up today!!!



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