New 2018 Young Living Convention Products

Let’s learn about the new products! I am so excited, I order them all!!!

This is such a needed product!!! As my daughter heads into her tween years, she is experiencing acne. I am so thankful to have a natural product to help her through this. I remeber trying all the acne products that literally burned layers of skin off my face. To be able to use something that will help and not put her through what I went through makes me so happy.

For us fair skinned folks, a Sunscreen with 50SPF is so exciting. Just what we need before we head outside this summer.

2 new blends and 1 new oil 😍😍 The blend Journey brings tears to my eyes as I think about it being the last blend Gary made. I know I will continue to help make his dream come true by sharing my love for these products. I would not be here today with all you amazing new friends if he hadn’t started his journey to make Young Living.

As a hairstlyist, having natural products is so amazing. I remeber the headaches I would get from all the chemical smells working in the salon for 15 years. I am so excited about these products and hope they continue to grow this line.

If you’ve never tried oil cleansing, you need to. I like to do it once or twice a week for a deep clean. My skin always feels so good afterward. Now that YL has made one I dot have to make my own.

If you haven’t tried the Einkorn products you need to. My favorite is the granola and now they have a flake cereal too!!! I 😁😁😁 Plus to be able to grind your own Einkorn exciting!

The Orange Blossom wash has been my favorite cleanser since I tried it. As someone who has struggled with troubled skin it was a God send. I am so excited that they have added to this amazing line.

Pre and probiotics for kids!!! I don’t know of any kids that aren’t struggling with digestive issues. To be able to get kids digestive systems healthy is so important to their immune system and so much more. To be honest, my kids wouldn’t eat the old digestive enzymes from YL.They didn’t like the taste. These are suppose to be fun and yummy, like the fun dips candy, so I can’t wait for them to try them.

Can I just say I’m in love with this diffuser ❀❀😍😍❀❀ I can’t get over how amazing it looks! I ordered mine asap. You can never have to many diffusers 😝

All of these products will be available Monday June 18th, 2018. If you are intreasted in any of them and wish to order, here is the link

If you’re not a Young Living member and want to join or learn more, contact me.

I’d love you help you out and welcome you to our oily family.

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