Our Journey to You

I wanted to share the story of how we came to host a child from Eastern Europe.

From the beginning God was working in ways we never knew. It all started when I saw a post on Facebook about a friend needing another family to host 2 boys from the Ukraine. I contacted her to learn more about it.  It turned out the hosting program she was working with didn’t work in our state.  However, God put on my heart we needed to open our home to a child from the Eastern Europe. I looked on Google and found New Horizons For Children- NHFC. This organization did hosting of children over winter and summer in my state. I contacted them and they sent me an email with a list of kids that were available to host.  I talked to my husband and he said he was not at all interested in doing it.  I started to pray that God would change his heart.  A month or so passed and I recieved an email from NHFC that only a few children were left to be hosted and we had 24 hours to pick or they would not be left behind. I went and asked my husband again and showed him the picture of a young boy. I felt God told me he was the one we were suppose to host. I want to state that again to HOST! We NEVER even considered the idea of adoption

Well, God had been at work on his heart and he said YES!! I ugly cry because I was so happy we were going to be able to open our home for Christmas. We got all the paperwork done and waited for the day he would arrive.  Oh, did I mention it turned out the young boys who picture I saw was 16 years old. We have a 12 year old daughter that looks 16 and were VERY nervous, but we continue to trust God.

As we waited for him to arrive, our friends would say to me ” Just wait, you’ll be adding him to your family.” Which ofcourse I would say “no we have always only wanted 2 kids and we already have that”. But God was working on our hearts again.

The day came when he arrived and we finally got to meet him.  God was working on our hearts again and over the next few days as he started to open up and it felt like he was always meant to be a part of our family.  Like he was always meant to be ours. God changed our hearts and we knew we had to do everything we could to make him a part of our family.  I now know that God has a plan and even though we don’t know what it is, I am trusting that He will finish what He started with him becoming a part of our family. I don’t know how or when, but I know He is at work on it and there is no problem to big that He can’t handle.

I hurts so much to not be able to have him here with us right now. To not be able to hug him good morning or do our best part and worst part of your day before we say goodnight. I am having to trust God is at work behind the scene to make it all happen. So until we get to have him here again with us, we will just get to see him when we chat and let him know each day how special he is and how much we love him.

If you have adopted from Eastern Europe and have any tips or ideas to help us, pleas recommend below or email me at livingyoungcountrygirl@gmail.com . We are needing all the help we can get.

If you are interested in hosting yourself and want more information, please go to their website http://nhfc.org/ to learn more.

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