Top 5 Young Living Products Under $10

You saw my top 10 Young Living products for under $15 but it gets even better!! Check out my top 5 under $10!!! Yep under $10, that’s less then a coffee drink at Starbucks, ok maybe not quit but close. But these will be soooo much better for your health. If you are interested inContinue reading “Top 5 Young Living Products Under $10”

Summer Fun & Oils

  Summer is one of my favorite times of the year.  I am a beach girl through and through.  I LOVE the water and spending time in the sun.  That means I need to be careful and take care of my skin and body with all the exposure to the harsh sun. Plus, I haveContinue reading “Summer Fun & Oils”

Oils & Emotional Support

I know we all can be emotional at times.  I love being able to grab one of my essential oils for support.  I want to share with you some of the ways you too can use Young Living Essential oils for support. Hope you enjoy this and learn  little something too. Want more information?  FeelContinue reading “Oils & Emotional Support”

Young Living Is So Expensive!!

“Young Living essential oils are to expensive.  I’ll just pick some up at the health food store. It’s the same thing.  It is 100% pure essential oils too. It says so right on the bottle.”  I’m sure we have all heard this before.  But when we are talking about essential oils, there are generally 2Continue reading “Young Living Is So Expensive!!”