Pumpkin Spice Latte

Do you count down the days till the PSL comes back to Starbucks? Well you dont have to do that anymore, or sell your first born to get your fill of the PSL before they disappear again. I tried lots of different recipes with different products till I found this one. It is SUPER EASY, DELICIOUS AND COST AROUND $1 TO MAKE!!!


OK so to see how I make it just watch this video below.

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Everyday Oil Day – NingXia Nitro

Ok so I’ve been talking a lot about NingXia Nitro lately and that is because I can’t get enough of this amazing stuff.   I LOVE IT!!!!  I call it my happy hour drink because I look forward to it and it always makes me happy to be drinking it.  Not only is it amazing and full of nutrients but it gives me that energy I need to make it through my day.  Let’s face it by 2:00 I’m ready for a nap.  Between the kids, homeschooling, housework and caring for our little farm full of animals, I am beat! So, I grab my NingXia Nitro, a bottle of sparkling mineral water and some lemonade and mix me up an amazing drink that is so refreshing and gives me the energy I need to make it through the rest of the day.  I use to have a second cup of coffee but now this takes its place.  I have noticed that not only does it give me more energy, but I don’t have that caffeine chase at the end of the night either.  I LOVE taking these little steps to a healthier lifestyle with the help of Young Living and all their amazing products.

Here’s a little video on how I make my NingXia Nitro

Happy Hour Drink!


Happy National Pancake Day

In honor of National Pancake Day I am sharing our favorite pancake recipe. They are so yummy and not gut heavy like most pancakes.  Plus they are healthier for you.  Well, as healthy as a pancake topped with syrup and whip cream can be. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


If you do not have sourdough starter you can get some here. I know that means waiting to try these yummy pancakes but trust me once you’ve tried them its hard to eat regular pancakes ever again.