Young Living Is So Expensive!!

“Young Living essential oils are to expensive.  I’ll just pick some up at the health food store. It’s the same thing.  It is 100% pure essential oils too. It says so right on the bottle.”  I’m sure we have all heard this before.  But when we are talking about essential oils, there are generally 2Continue reading “Young Living Is So Expensive!!”

Why Choose Young Living Essential Oils? Seed to Seal!!!!

What is Seed to Seal? Seed to Seal is Young Livings way of verify the quality of the oil in every bottle. Seed The first step of this process—Seed—means we research plant species that offer the optimal therapeutic benefits, identify species with experts and document their source, and monitor the ongoing cultivation process to ensureContinue reading “Why Choose Young Living Essential Oils? Seed to Seal!!!!”