The Family

This is my family.  We are crazy and weird but full of love and laughter.

But first, a little about what started us on this journey…
We were a typical Southern California family. Loved the sun, beach, mountains and all San Diego had to offer. We dreamed about slowing down but didn’t want to give up all we had there.
As the economy went down so did our buisness. Finally, we had to call it quits and my husband had to find a new job. He applied for a job that we thought would keep us near our home in San Diego. However, the location he was assigned was in Arizona. This was the last place I ever wanted to live!!!!! I cried and prayed God would let us stay. Once we were here, I cried and prayed He would provide a way for us to go back. My heart was not open to where God wanted us. Finally, after a year of being here, I changed my prayers to asking God to change my heart for this place and He did!! Now we love it here. I look out our window at our little farm and all the beauty and peace around us and praise Him for bringing us here. Yes, we still miss the beach, Disneyland, our family and friends, but God has given us so much more then I ever imagined. I started this blog to share about how we discovered essential oils as a way to help us adjust to the new environment we were in. Our bodies were adjusting to this place just like my heart. Now after a couple years of using these oils and sharing I see another blessing God has given us. He has provided a way for me to help others not just learn about these oils but to learn about living a healthier lifestyle. It really has become a way a living. We live life slower, not on the go going here and there.  We spend time just hanging out at home enjoying family time.  We eat our meals at home instead of on the go with not the best nutritional options.  We have time to stop, relax and thank God for all the beauty around us.
So grab a cup of coffee or some ice tea, kick your feet up, relax and look around. Enjoy!!!

Meet the family

Our daughter Little M.  She is FULL of life and never slows down.  She loves to be the leader .  She is a devoted friends and sister and will always have your back.  She keeps us laughing and on our toes.

Then there is our Little Guy.  He is kind hearted and very loving.  He is the quieter one and is happy to just be snuggling near you.  He loves playing with his sister and catching anything slimy.

Then there is my hubby.  We have been married 17 years and I still can’t believe I am so blessed to be married to such a wonderful guy.  He is so patient and loving with me and all of the animals I keep bringing home.
Now you have meet my crazy family that I love so much. I hope you enjoy following our journey as we transition from city folk to country folk. So far, it has been an amazing!!!

Grow old with me…the best is yet to be

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