Christmas Home Tour


Each year I get so excited to start decorating our home for Christmas. It is a special time of year for me because I remember decorating my childhood home with my mother each Christmas. She had a way of making our home feel magical each Christmas.  As we decorate our home, I hope my kids cherish those same memories. So here is our home this Christmas.  I hope you enjoy it.


From our family to yours,


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Black Friday Haul From Young Living


I don’t know about y’all but I was so excited about the Black Friday sale from Young Living.  After all the kinks were worked out, 😣 I finially got my order in. 🤗 When it came I was so excited to see all the petty packages and goodies. I posted this video on YouTube to share with y’all just what I got.



If you are intreasted in  Young Living I’d love to help you out. We have an amazing team of oily friends that are here to help you on your oily journey.

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The Ultimate December Bundle!!!!

Are you ready for The Ultimate December Bundle? NOPE. I don’t think you are!!!! Over $885 worth of products for only $365! You can save $520 this December ONLY!

You’ll get a diffuser, 17 oils, Lavender lotion (winter power house for moisturizing) Super C (immune system support), Life 9 Probiotic (because holidays and food = 🤢,Thieves Cough drops (ahem) and cleaning and body care products that are perfect for getting ready for the holiday season while supporting your immune system, naturally and toxin free!

It includes:
– Dewdrop diffuser
– 5ml bottle of Thieves Vitality
– 5ml bottle of Lemon Vitality
– 5ml bottle of Peppermint Vitality
– 5ml bottle of Copaiba Vitality
– 5ml bottle of Digize Vitality
– 5ml bottle of Lavender
– 5ml bottle of Frankincense
– 5ml bottle of RC
– 5ml bottle of Purification
– 5ml bottle of Panaway
– 5ml bottle of Stress Away
– 5ml bottle of Oregano
– 15ml bottle of Thieves
– 15ml bottle of Lemon
– 15ml bottle of Sacred Frankincense
– 5ml bottle of Nutmeg
– 5ml bottle of Northern Lights Black Spruce
– Life 9 Probiotic
– Two bottles of Thieves Concentrated Household Cleaner
– Two bottles of Thieves Foaming Handsoap
– Two bottles of Thieves Waterless Hand Purifiers
– Two bottles of Thieves Spray
– Thieves Mouthwash
– Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste
– YL membership + access to our amazing community and supportive facebook groups
– PLUS $20 back in points to spend!



If you’re interested, let me know and I can walk you through the process.

Monthly Promotion

December Promotions

****** US DECEMBER PROMOS ******

Happy December, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and an amazing November. Of course, now that it’s over, we only have one month left in 2017! Can you believe it? And of course, December is one of the busiest months of the year, so before we know it *POOF*, it will be over too. But first, we’re gonna rock the socks off December and end this year with a BANG! So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at December’s promos and see how they’re gonna help us survive the holidays. Here they are!

Nutmeg Vitality 5-ml* (100 PV): You might have heard me talk about Nutmeg before and how it’s one of my go-to oils for lower back discomfort, but looking at Nutmeg Vitality, we get another look at some of its other amazing qualities. With the holidays being so crazy, both in full days and late nights, and in the stress we all feel to make it perfect, our adrenals take a beating. Thankfully, Nutmeg Vitality is a big support for our adrenals. Just put a drop under your tongue, or add a drop or two to a vegetable capsule as part of a daily health regimen, and give your adrenals that extra help. They’ll thank you for it. #protip: Nutmeg Vitality also supports your body’s natural production of melatonin, so take a drop before bed to help get a good night’s sleep!

Lemon 15-ml* (190 PV): On the opposite side of the spectrum, mornings during the holiday season can be a bit rough, but there’s no time to waste trying to wake up and get motivated. And that’s where Lemon steps in. Diffuse 5 drops of Lemon with 3 drops of Peppermint in the morning to cut through the grogginess and have you firing on all cylinders and ready to tackle everything on your holiday checklist. Plus, while you’re cleaning and getting the house ready for the inevitable swarm of friends and family that will be making their way to your home, add a few drops of Lemon to your Thieves Cleaner to spruce it up and add a crisp twist to the aroma, or use a drop or two of Lemon on those sticky discoveries you find while cleaning. It’s amazing how quickly that sticky mess will come right up!

Northern Lights Black Spruce 5-ml (190 PV): Coming from Young Living’s Northern Lights Farm in Canada, Northern Lights Black Spruce is an oil you might not be as familiar with, but once you use it, you won’t want to live without it. Its mellow, woodsy aroma is perfect for this time of year, but it’s also very grounding and calming. Want to put a woodsy twist in the diffuser with Christmas Spirit? Diffuse 4 drops of Christmas Spirit with 2 drops of Orange and 2 drops of Northern Lights Black Spruce for a festive, mood-boosting aroma that will have everyone spreading holiday cheer. #protip: use Northern Lights Black Spruce as part of your skincare routine to help support healthy looking skin!

Life 9 (250 PV): Gut health affects so many of the different systems in our bodies. Our immune system, our emotions, and many other areas can be thrown out of sync if we don’t make sure our gut health is on point. Especially during the holidays and all the sweets and large meals we don’t always eat, we need that extra support to make sure everything is working right in there. Life 9 is a probiotic that contains 9 strands of good bacteria that help support proper digestion and keep your gut working properly. I mean, who doesn’t want one less thing to worry about during the holidays? #protip: want your kids to get the benefits of Life 9? Open the capsule and add it to a delicious smoothie!

Sacred Frankincense 15-ml (300 PV): Last month we got a 15-ml Frankincense, and how does Young Living decide to top that? By giving us a 15-ml Sacred Frankincense!! You guys, this is a HUGE gift to us all, especially if you’ve never used Sacred Frankincense. Fun fact: Young Living’s Sacred Frankincense is the first Frankincense from Oman to be made available to anyone aside from the very privileged or the Saudi Royals. That, along with its incredible properties help make it one of the most sought-after and exclusive essential oils out there. So, how do you use it? Calming emotions, skin care, sleep, spiritual practices or ceremonies, meditation, and so. much. more! For those of you who do use this incredible oil, what’s your favorite way to use it? Share those diffuser recipes, roll-ons, and more so we can all find the very best ways to use this incredible oil! (Psst: a little birdy told me that when you hit the 300 PV level you also get the brand new 2018 YL Calendar for free with photos of YL members that Mary Young picked herself!)

Here’s the full breakdown of December’s PV promos:

100 PV:
Nutmeg Vitality 5-ml*

190 PV:
Northern Lights Black Spruce 5-ml
Lemon 15-ml*
Nutmeg Vitality 5-ml*

250 PV:
Life 9
Northern Lights Black Spruce 5-ml
Lemon 15-ml*
Nutmeg Vitality 5-ml*

300 PV:
Sacred Frankincense 15-ml
Life 9
Northern Lights Black Spruce 5-ml
Lemon 15-ml*
Nutmeg Vitality 5-ml*

*Remember, in order to get the Essential Rewards Exclusive Nutmeg Vitality 5-ml and the Essential Rewards Exclusive Lemon 15-ml, you have to be enrolled in Essential Rewards (ER) and have an order that meets the PV requirements for those items. The extra bonus of meeting these PV amounts with your ER order is that you get even more ER points to spend later.

So there they are, the December promos that are an amazing gift for us, or something we can all use to help spread a little holiday cheer! Seriously, SACRED FRANKINCENSE!! Sorry, I’m a little excited. 😉 What are you excited about from December’s promos? Let us know in the comments! Thanks for joining us, and I hope you have the greatest December ever!! 🙂



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