October Essential Rewards Box

Every month my family receives our monthly wellness box from Young Living.  This box helps us stay above the wellness line and have a chemical free home.  I thought i’d share what all I got in my wellness box this month. What more information on these great products and how to help your family stayContinue reading “October Essential Rewards Box”

March Essential Rewards – Unboxing

I LOVE getting my monthly Essential Rewards order. It is like Christmas every month when it arrives. Here is a video of my Unboxing of my Essential Rewards for March. If you are ready to start your oil journey, I’d love to help you out and support you. Click HERE to sign up or askContinue reading “March Essential Rewards – Unboxing”

What’s in my June Essential Rewards Box!

Every month when my Essential Rewards(ER) Box comes it’s like Christmas for me. I love getting new products and restocking my favorites.  This month was my biggest order yet but so much fun. You can check out all the goodies I got in this video. If you’re intrested in ER and want to learn moreContinue reading “What’s in my June Essential Rewards Box!”

Tuesday Tip – What is Essential Rewards?

If you like free stuff then you’ll love Essential Rewards!!!! Essential Rewards(ER) is the “autoship” program from Young Living. Let’s face it, the term “autoship” FREAKS people out. It does me at least. I am going to try to answer some questions about Essential Rewards and hopefully make it a “little” less scary. Here’s aContinue reading “Tuesday Tip – What is Essential Rewards?”