Car Organization

If you’ve been around for awhile you know we a BIG Disney fans.  We take trips to Disneyland 3-4 times a year.  This means a long drive in our car.  Well compared to the drive it use to take us. Living down the road from Disneyland spoiled us. We would decide at lunch to head to Disneyland and a couple hours later we would be riding Space Mountain. Now a day at Disneyland takes a lot more planning.  One of the things I enjoy about planning our trips is cleaning and organizing our car. Yes, I said I enjoy it.  I am an organization freek, and in a car there are so many ways to organize.  I thought I’d share some of the ways I organize our car for trips and for everyday running errand.


Hope you enjoyed the video and found some helpful ideas for organizing your own car.

Have a beautiful blessed day.

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Homeschool Tips


Homeschooling has been such a blessing for our family. If we weren’t able to homeschool, our kids would miss seeing their dad  4 days a week.  That was not OK with us. I was homeschooled for the what I consider the best part of my educational years.  I loved it and have the best memories of those times.  Unfortunately, due to a family situation, I  had to start going to public school my 6 grade year. Don’t get me wrong, public school can be good however, in my case it was not a pleasant experience socially or educationally.  I did the cheer leading and sports thing.  Went to prom and  homecoming,  but I feel like the good experiences I had were over shadowed by the bad. Of course, this it not going to be the same for everyone.  When we decided to homeschool our kids we thought about it a lot. We researched the local school options, looked at how it would work out for us and then decided homeschooling was the best choice for us.

After posting what curriculum we decided to use last year on YouTube I received a lot of questions about homeschooling. So, I decided to starting a little series on homeschooling. I hope you find these helpful.  Be sure to follow my blog so you get to hear the rest of the series. At the end I will be showing the curriculum we used last year and what we are going to be using this year.

The first video is Myths about Homeschooling.


How do we pick curriculum? Check out this one to see 5 tips to help you pick your curriculum.



Hope this helps!

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