November US Promos

Ring in the holiday season with Young Living November Promotions.   NOVEMBER 2016 PROMOTION OFFER DETAILS 300 PV Reward Offer Details • Offer is valid only in the U.S. and all NFR markets, except where restrictions prevent promotional product(s) from entering the country. • Offer is valid from 12 midnight, MT, November 1, 2016, toContinue reading “November US Promos”

Tuesday Tip – What is Essential Rewards?

If you like free stuff then you’ll love Essential Rewards!!!! Essential Rewards(ER) is the “autoship” program from Young Living. Let’s face it, the term “autoship” FREAKS people out. It does me at least. I am going to try to answer some questions about Essential Rewards and hopefully make it a “little” less scary. Here’s aContinue reading “Tuesday Tip – What is Essential Rewards?”

May promotion from Young Living

May Promos are here!  Check out all the goodies you can get with your order this month. Plus a special promo for ER orders. 190PV – 5ml Ocotea                + ER exclusive 5ml Grapefruit 250PV – 5ml Ocotea                $20 enrollment coupon ( give it to a friend for $20 off a new kit)               Continue reading “May promotion from Young Living”

Why Choose Young Living Essential Oils? Seed to Seal!!!!

What is Seed to Seal? Seed to Seal is Young Livings way of verify the quality of the oil in every bottle. Seed The first step of this process—Seed—means we research plant species that offer the optimal therapeutic benefits, identify species with experts and document their source, and monitor the ongoing cultivation process to ensureContinue reading “Why Choose Young Living Essential Oils? Seed to Seal!!!!”

Why Young Living Oils are Out of Stock

“Out of stock again!!!” Trust me I’ve been there. It makes me frustrated!!! Then I learned something very cool. It was why the oils were out of stock. I would like to share some thought that will help to explain why when we see Young Living oils out of stock, it is actually a veryContinue reading “Why Young Living Oils are Out of Stock”